Why We Support Disabled American Veterans

Giving Back To Those Who Have Served

When You Recognize A Need, Take Action To Help

Our dedication to support the Disabled American Veterans organization materialized much the same way Sticker Shield itself materialized; Our founder saw a need and did what he could to help.

After Sticker Shield was founded in 1997 (known then as “Windshield Relief”), our founder, Pete Kassab, knew he needed to share his success and do what he could to make life better for others. With the first Gulf War still close in the rear view mirror and many American troops returning with injuries and previously unrecognized trauma, Kassab felt a deep sympathy for our troops and committed to dedicating 5% of online sales to Disabled American Veterans.

Why Disabled American Veterans?

Disabled American Veterans (DAV) was chosen because of their outstanding reputation as a non profit organization empowering veterans to lead high-quality lives with respect and dignity. More specifically, DAV provides free assistance to veterans and their families in securing benefits and services earned through military service. This includes employment training and re-training, representing veterans and their families before congress and nurturing community spaces allowing for the needs of our veterans to be heard and acted upon in accordance.

Sticker Shield is proud to be a contributor to the cause of helping Disabled American Veterans complete such an important mission.

Making Life Better

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