Windshield Sticker Application

Windshield stickers and window decals often come with adhesive on the front of the sticker or emblem and are meant to be applied inside the windshield or window facing out.


How to Apply Windshield Stickers and Window Decals with Sticker Shield

NOTE: These directions are intended for window decals - stickers with strong adhesive on the front of the sticker. Click here for standard sticker (stickers with adhesive on the back) application instructions. If you feel that your window decal does not come with a strong adhesive, you may want to follow the directions for standard sticker application.

For best results, make sure your hands and the surface are clean and free of dirt, dust, moisture and grease.

  1. Each sheet of Sticker Shield film comes with a protective paper side and a shiny side with removable adhesive on the reverse. Place Sticker Shield with the protective paper side down and the shiny side up.
  2. Remove the protective paper from your windshield or window decal, revealing the decal's adhesive side.
  3. Place your decal with the adhesive side down onto the shiny side of Sticker Shield.
  4. With a pair of scissors, trim around your decal getting as close to the edges of your decal as possible. Trimming nice and close to your decal will ensure that your sticker looks like it is placed directly on the glass surface without anything in between.
  5. Next, peel the protective paper off of Sticker Shield with your decal applied to the other side of the film.
  6. Now you can easily apply your decal to your windshield or other glass surfaces!
  7. If you want to remove or adjust your decal, just peel back a corner and lift the windshield decal with Sticker Shield and peel it right off. You can now apply your windshield sticker again and again without scraping or having to use any solvents. It's as easy as that!

Sticker Shield is a versatile product! Here are just a few of the ways it can be used.

Protect Your Vehicle's Integrated Window Defroster Strips

Scraping old stickers off vehicle windows can damage thin defroster strips built in to the glass.

Carpool Lane Stickers

Toll Pass Transponders

Gate Stickers

Safe Surface for Cracked Phone Screens

Kid Stickers

Home Security Stickers

Scrapbooking and Laminating

Home Projects

Transparent Dry Erase Note Board

Transparent Labels

And of course... Windshield Stickers

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