How Sticker Shield® Works

Sticker Shield is a specially-designed, clear film that becomes virtually invisible when attached to your new window sticker. Sticker Shield provides a hassle-free money-back guarantee on all our products.

  • With Sticker Shield, your sticker looks like it’s stuck directly to the windshield, yet easily peels off and sticks back on to the glass whenever you want.
  • Sticker Shield prevents adhesive buildup and razor blade damage to windshield and defroster strips, while also preventing dangerous blind spots created by old stickers and adhesive remains.
  • Sticker Shield will stick to most non-porous surfaces, including windows & glass, mirrors, home appliances, most steels & plastics, and certain glossy painted surfaces.
  • Nearly all bar codes are easily readable through Sticker Shield.

How To Use Sticker Shield

Just click a link below for video and written directions for using Sticker Shield

Sticker Shield Is Sold At These Trusted Retailers:

Now sold at NAPA auto parts logo.

Proudly Made In The USA

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