Easily Remove or Reposition SunPass With Sticker Shield®

SunPass Mini and other sticker type toll transponders can be easily repositioned or removed with Sticker Shield. Follow these simple instructions to facilitate easy repositioning and removal of your SunPass or other sticker type transponder.


How to Reposition or Remove SunPass Mini, and Other Sticker Type Transponders with Sticker Shield

For best results, make sure your hands and the surface you are working on are clean and free of dirt, dust, moisture and grease.

  1. Lay the Sticker Shield on a clean flat surface with the protective paper side up.
  2. Lay SunPass on top of Sticker Shield and mark the area to be trimmed out (about 1/8 inch around the SunPass sticker). Using scissors, cut Sticker Shield to the size you marked.
  3. Lay Sticker Shield so the glossy film side is facing up and the protective paper side down on your clean work surface.
  4. Remove the protective paper from the sticky side of your SunPass decal.
  5. Lay your SunPass sticky side down on to the smooth, glossy Sticker Shield film.
  6. When you are ready to apply SunPass to your windshield, remove the protective paper from Sticker Shield revealing the sticky side of the film.
  7. Rub Sticker Shield film firmly on to your windshield to make it smooth and remove any air bubbles.
  8. You're done! Now you can easily remove and adjust your SunPass to ensure proper signal reception, to ensure it does not block your field of view and to remove it from the vehicle completely when you sell your vehicle or just want to protect your SunPass from theft.

Sticker Shield is a versatile product! Here are just a few of the ways it can be used.

Protect Your Vehicle's Integrated Window Defroster Strips and Window Tint from Sticker Adhesive

Carpool Lane Stickers

Toll Pass Transponders

Gate Stickers

Safe Surface for Cracked Phone Screens

Kid Stickers

Home Security Stickers

Scrapbooking and Laminating

Home Projects

Transparent Dry Erase Note Board

Transparent Labels

And of course... Windshield Stickers

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