Wholesale Purchasing Information

Easily Peel Off And Re-use Stickers With This Undetectable Film!

With Sticker Shield®, placing a new sticker is a breeze! If you put it on crooked, don’t worry, you can straighten it. If you need to transfer it to another car, no problem! Best of all, no more solvents, scraping or screaming when you remove your windshield decals and other stickers!

Sticker Shield will stick to most non-porous surfaces, including windows & glass, mirrors, home appliances, most steels & plastics, and certain glossy painted surfaces.

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Product Specifications


Graphic showing individual sticker shield pack with height of 7 inches and width of 5 inches.
  • Each package contains two 4”x6” sheets of film for up to four applications (depending on the size of your stickers)
  • Includes a 1 1/4” sombrero die cut for pegging
  • Package dimensions are 5” x 7” x 1/16”

Countertop POS Display

Graphic representing the sticker shield point of sale display with dimensions of 7 inches tall, 5.25 inches wide and 5.5 inches deep.
  • Free countertop POS displays included
  • Each POS display holds 50 units stacked vertically (soldier style)
  • POS display also serves as a shippable inner carton with removable HSC cap and inner carton UPC label
  • Countertop POS display also slotted on back for wing clips on end caps and register racks
  • POS Dimension is 5 1/4" x 5 1/2" x 7" and represents approximately $300 retail sales dollars

Additional Retail Display Options

Sticker Shield is a small-footprint, fast moving consumer goods impulse buy. We provide multiple display options designed to maximize revenue per cubic inch of space.

Sticker Shield point of sale counter top display box holding 50 individual packets. Individual sticker shield packs hanging on wire-peg display using sombrero cut hanging. Sticker shield packs hanging on a clip-strip display.

Shipping Container

Graphic visualizing wholesale shipping format for sticker shield.
  • Each master carton holds 300 units and features a master carton UPC label
  • Master Carton dimensions are 12” x 18 3/4” x 8”
  • Each Master Carton holds 6 inner carton / POS displays
  • Each inner carton / POS display holds 50 units (stacked vertically), can be shipped separately and features an inner carton UPC Label

Pricing, Shipping, Liability

Please contact us for pricing, pre-paid shipping and liability coverage details.

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