Frequently Asked Questions

Sticker Shield® is a versatile and time-saving product! With Sticker Shield you can make almost any sticker a removable sticker. And that's not all! You can even turn everyday non-adhesive passes, permits, labels and more into stickers that are easy to apply, remove and reuse over-and-over again.

Sticker Shield Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Surfaces Will Sticker Shield Stick To?

Sticker Shield will work on just about any smooth, non-porous surface. This includes most glasses, metals, tiles and certain high-gloss painted surfaces.

How Can I Use Sticker Shield To Fix A Cracked Phone Screen?

Sticker Shield is great to have on-hand for cracked screen emergencies. This quick fix will help protect your fingers from small glass shards and will protect your phone from dust, moisture and other contaminants. Click here to see instructions for using Sticker Shield as a quick, temporary screen repair.

Will Sticker Shield Leave Any Adhesive Residue?

No! Sticker Shield is made using specially-designed film (not static cling) and a proprietary removable adhesive that leaves no residue behind.

What Size Are Sticker Shield Sheets?

Each sheet of sticker Shield is 4" X 6". Each sheet can be used to apply roughly two stickers, depending on the size and shape you need. Each pack of Sticker Shield includes 2 sheets.

Can I Use Sticker Shield with RFID Stickers?

Yes! Although we have not tested Sticker Shield with all RFID passes, we have not heard of an instance where it interfered with the pass.

Can Sticker Shield Be Used On Tinted Windows?

Due to the many different types of tinting, we do not guarantee Sticker Shield for use with all tinting products. However, we do know that a very large number of our customers use Sticker Shield with tinting and contact us to share their excellent experience using Sticker Shield on their tinting. We have only received one complaint in over 20 years regarding problems with tinting. The brand of tinting this customer used was called Huper Optik; It is a ceramic-based tint.

We suggest that if you choose to try Sticker Shield on a tinted window, you should cut a small sample piece of Sticker Shield and try it on your tinting to see if it will work for you.

Does Sticker Shield Work Using Static Cling?

No. Sticker Shield works with the combination of high-quality transparent film and a high-tech removable adhesive. This provides a more durable and reusable product than static cling products, which deteriorate and curl off a surface when exposed to heat, UV rays and humidity.

How Many Sheets Come In Each Pack?

One pack of Sticker Shield includes two 4-inch X 6-inch sheets of removable film. You can also purchase multi-packs including quantities of 2-packs, 5-packs, and 8-packs.

If you are looking for larger quantities of Sticker Shield, click here to check out our quantity discounts and wholesale information.

How Long Does Sticker Shield Last?

The removable adhesive on Sticker Shield will last a minimum of two years, depending on its use, how clean the surface was when applied and how often you remove or reposition your sticker. We regularly receive feedback from customers using Sticker Shield for 5 or even 10 years in harsh climate conditions!

Can I Use Sticker Shield on Exterior Surfaces?

Sticker Shield is designed for interior surfaces.

However, many people have had success using it on exterior surfaces like on the outside of windows and on automotive bodies. Sticker Shield's exterior performance may depend on factors like weather conditions and exposure to dirt and humidity.

Can I Print On Sticker Shield?

Sticker Shield was not designed to be printed on.

However, many customers have printed on Sticker Shield successfully. We do not guarantee the product's performance under these circumstances.

Can I Return It If It Doesn't Work?

We offer a premium product and strive to offer premium customer service. If you are not satisfied for any reason, we will provide a full refund. Read more about our satisfaction guarantee here.

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