How To Remove Stickers

Removing Stickers From Windshields

There are three things to keep in mind when removing sticker residue from glass surfaces and windshields:

• Wear safety gloves! If you use a sharp object like a single-sided razor blade or knife to help remove those stubborn bits of adhesive, you need to protect your hands from cuts.

• If you are removing a sticker from a windshield interior, be mindful of where little bits of scraped off sticker may land. You might want to place a rag between your windshield and the dashboard so that small flakes don't end up in between the windshield and dashboard where they can be difficult to remove.

• If you use a metal object like a razor blade or knife, use one with a clean, sharp edge. A sharp edge will reduce the likelihood of scratching or permanently marking your glass surface.

Follow These Instructions To Remove Old Stickers From Windshields and Glass

How to Remove Stickers With Glass Cleaner

  1. Spray the sticker with a generous amount of window cleaner and let it sit for a few minutes.
  2. With a sharp, single-sided razor blade or knife, gently scrape away at the sticker beginning from a corner. Repeat this process until the paper bits are all gone.
  3. Rubbing alcohol or a light lubricant can help remove any additional adhesive gunk.

How To Remove Stickers With A Lubricant

  1. Use a thin lubricant like WD-40, canola oil, or even baby oil to soak the sticker for a few minutes.
  2. Try to peel back the sticker from a corner at as sharp of an angle as possible.
  3. Use a sharp, single-sided razor blade to scrape off any remaining bits of sticker and adhesive residue.

Sticker Shield Eliminates the Need To Scrape Off Old Adhesive Residue

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