How to Easily Reposition or Remove Toll Transponders with StickerShield®

Follow These Instructions to Apply Toll Transponders with Sticker Shield®

Note: Sticker type toll transponders can be mounted using Sticker Shield® just like any other sticker. See the “Make Any Sticker a Removable Sticker” instructions.


How To Use Sticker Shield® To Reposition or Remove Toll Transponders

  1. Make sure your hands, work area, and the surface where you’ll place the transponder are clean and dry.
  2. Lay the Sticker Shield on a clean flat surface with the protective paper side up.
  3. Lay the transponder on top of the Sticker Shield to mark where to cut it off (about 1/8 inch all around the transponder). Using scissors, cut the Sticker Shield to the size you marked.
  4. Turn over the piece of Sticker Shield that you cut so the protective paper side is now down.
  5. The transponder comes with Velcro strips with their own adhesive that you would normally stick onto the windshield, but now you’ll stick them on the shiny side of the piece of Sticker Shield you just cut. Remove the protective film from the Velcro strips, center the transponder over your piece of Sticker Shield, and press it down firmly.
  6. Remove the protective paper from the Sticker Shield and you’re ready to go.
  7. To mount the transponder, remove the transponder from the Velcro strips and place just the Sticker Shield with those strips wherever you want. Since Sticker Shield can be easily moved around, you can experiment to find the best location. If you stuck the Velcro directly to your windshield, this would be difficult!
  8. Rub the Sticker Shield film firmly to make it smooth and remove any air bubbles. Since it’s carrying the weight of the transponder, make sure it’s attached firmly.
  9. Finally, press the transponder onto the Velcro strips firmly until it pops.