How To Fix A Cracked iPhone Screen Quickly

You can use Sticker Shield® as a temporary repair for a cracked phone screen. The Sticker Shield fix will protect your fingers from broken glass and protect the inner workings of the device from dust, dirt and moisture.

Watch our iPhone screen repair video or follow the written directions below the video.


How To Make A Quick Fix To Your Cracked iPhone Screen

For best results, make sure your hands and the surface you are working on are clean and free of dirt, dust, moisture and grease.

  1. First, clean the cracked screen well with a thick cloth. Be careful not to cut your fingers on slivers of broken glass.
  2. Lay the Sticker Shield on a clean flat surface with the protective paper side up. You need to mark an outline of your phone on the piece of Sticker Shield. You can do this by laying the device on top of the Sticker Shield and tracing around it onto the protective paper. Mark where a notch needs to be cut for the menu button below the screen.
  3. Cut around the outline you made and cut out the notch for the menu button. Cut about an eighth of an inch inside of the lines so the Sticker Shield doesn’t hang out over the edges of the phone.
  4. Peel the protective paper from the Sticker Shield, and center the Sticker Shield over the phone, making sure that the notch you cut is in the right place. Then moving from the bottom up, slowly swipe the Sticker Shield up across the screen, squeezing out any air pockets as you go. You can rub any remaining air pockets out toward the edges with your fingers.

This will leave a nice smooth surface over the cracked screen. The cracks won’t affect your fingers, and the screen will be usable. Remember, this is only a temporary fix; ultimately, you should get the screen fixed by a professional.

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